You Need a Pond in Your Garden!

Yes, you really do! What better to give your garden a natural and relaxed look than a beautiful ornamental pond, complete with fish, aquatic plants, and perhaps the wildlife that loves locally? It’s not just frogs that may soon populate your pond, but the larvae of beautiful insects such as dragonflies and mayflies need water in which to grow, so you are doing your bit for nature, too! Also, the children will love it, although it is essential you make sure that any pond you install is safe for both kids and pets.

Ponds can be adorned with a variety of other water features, too; these days, the choice is endless with a wealth of waterfalls, fountains and other attractive additions, but it is worth remembering that these don’t just look good, they also serve a purpose. To stay healthy, pond water needs to move – as it will in nature – or algae and harmful bacteria will form naturally. This is why you need to install a pump and filter, but don’t worry, these are not expensive items. In fact, you can find all the information you need on these at a great website called, so we recommend you visit their site before you go any further.

Designing a Pond

Part of the fun of deciding to have a pond comes in deciding what it is going to look like, where it is going to be, and what you want to put in it! You need to look at the space you have available – there are ponds for even the smallest areas now – and decide whether you want a pre-formed pond or one made to your own design from plastic pond liner material. We think the latter offers the best results, and it is not an expensive option.

Then, you need to look at pond pumps and adjacent filters. These are important as you need to keep the circulation of the water going to make sure it is suitably oxygenated, and the filter will play its part in making sure any algae is zapped by UV light, and that harmful bacteria is filtered out in the transfer process. You can find these at the review site above, which also has loads of other useful information about ponds.

What to Put in Your Pond

If you want to have fish and plants in your pond – and it is always best to do so – visit your local aquatics centre or garden centre, where you will find someone who can help advise you on the right fish and plants for your size and type of pond. You may also want to encourage natural wildlife, so perhaps take the children on a frogspawn hunt in the right season!

Whatever you do with a pond, you will enjoy this quite wonderful, affordable and suitable adornment to your garden to the full. A pond makes a garden come to life, and we reckon you will be surprised at what a low-maintenance addition it is to your available space.

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