Wonderful Outdoor Breaks You Can Enjoy With Your Sons

As a dad who loves the outdoors there are many activities to help keep you occupied. It’s important to come up with outdoor breaks, holidays and activities that the kids will like too. This might be more difficult than you’d expect. But don’t worry; this post will give you some good ideas to get you started. I enjoy many outdoor adventures with my kids, and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. So here are four fantastic outdoor ideas that any dad and his sons can enjoy for some father-son bonding time.

  1. Camping

The classic outdoor break has got to be a camping trip. Either a long weekend or a full on week would be ideal. I used to love camping trips as a young boy. Getting out into the wilderness and being at one with nature for a few days always excited me. This is even more important these days when the world seems to be dominated by technology. Make sure you get a tent that’s large enough for all of you and your stuff. And make sure you do it properly. I love the idea of cooking food on a little stove, or over an open fire. Part of the enjoyment of camping is going to whole hog and doing it properly. Huddle around the campfire and tell the kids tall tales while they roast marshmallows.

  1. Sporting Events

Something that might be of interest to you is to go to a sporting event. There are many opportunities to go on trips and spend a few days taking in some sports. These are a great way to bond with the children and share a mutual enjoyment of competitive sports. For instance, you could check out Racingbreaks to find the kind of options that are on offer. You can stay in beautiful locations and enjoy the pinnacle of horse racing while doing so. Do some research and make sure you pick the right place and you have some great dates sorted out.

  1. Fishing

One of the most popular father-son bonding trips is a fishing trip. The brilliance of this is that you can combine it with camping, so you get the best of both worlds. Fishing is fun and therapeutic. I remember going often as a kid and I’d always enjoy the battle between man and nature. The best part is catching something and feeling that sense of achievement. I used to love that when I was younger, and I can’t wait for my kids to feel the same.


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  1. Backpacking

Of all the outdoor trips and pursuits, I’ve found backpacking to be one of the most enjoyable. It’s great to take the kids, strap on a backpack of essentials and get away for a while. It’s great to open your children’s eyes to the rich beauty and wonder of nature. It’s healthy to show them that there’s more to life than video games. Backpacking gives a fun sense of adventure, and it’s all about surviving alone in the wilderness.

There are, of course, many more outdoor breaks and pursuits you could get up to. The great outdoors is such a beautiful place, full of excitement and adventure. As a dad, it’s important to share your passion for the outdoors with your kids. Help them understand its appeal. And show them there’s a magical world that exists beyond their computer screens.

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