What To Get Your Dad This June 21st


People seem to find Father’s Day a difficult one for some reason and end up leaving buying Father’s Day gifts to the last minute. This usually means that they actually end up spending more money because whilst they may want to buy something meaningful they actually panic buy in the end.

Reading about it for inspiration I discovered that Father’s day is actually celebrated differently across the world. Often on the 3rd Sunday in June for many countries, as in the UK, but also September, November, and for many, Father’s Day is celebrated with St Joseph’s Day in March (19th to be precise!). While the Australians will usually celebrate Fatherhood at home, often for breakfast, those in South Africa are known to go out for outdoor activities like picnics and fishing or simply dinner, much the same as us. While in Germany, on Ascension Day, the men get together and organise hikes or gatherings of some sort, and enjoy celebrating their fatherhood filled with good foods and alcohol.

Of course every Dad is different, and every Father’s Day is different, so here is a list of ideas, some left over from last year and some from recent research, that may help you find something that your Dad will love!

Radio Alarm Clock

I know this sounds old fashioned, but these are no longer as common as one would think, many having been replaced with reliable smartphone alarms, computers and apps. Plus, if your old man does happen to still have one, chances are he could do with a newer model! A great thing about this present is that it can fit into any budget.

DAB radios are excellent choices if you hate that crackly white noise, and many also have pre-set stations so your Dad won’t have to spend ages trying to work out which station is that one he likes! The majority of devices will have the usual Alarm, Snooze and Sleep functionalities too but with digital settings so it’s a lot easier to manage than the previous analogue models.

Or, if your Dad already has an iPhone you can get amazing wireless speakers that connect to it and turn it into an alarm clock! This way you can have the best of both old and newer days.


Really? Beer? It does seem quite mundane, but there are so many different beers available that if your Dad is partial to a pint (or a few), there is a whole world of gifts he may enjoy. From a kit for brewing his own, through to personalised hampers, or even some fantastic beer gadgets! The world of beer holds a huge amount of great gift ideas and, again, there can be something to suit all budgets.

For instance, get your Dad speciality Beer for a Year or simply a crate from the Craft Beer Club to excite his taste buds ready for barbeque season, and if he is really lucky you could pair this with a novelty beer jug or bottle opener!


Whether your Dad’s taste in music is admirable or shame worthy, chances are he enjoys the odd record or two. Music technology has developed hugely in recent years and now gadgets of all shapes and sizes that are perfect for Father’s Day gifts have been created to help enjoy it. You could go retro and get your Dad his own record player! Chances are he probably chucked his out years ago and now they are becoming more popular again he could have a lot of fun re-discovering his old vinyl collection.  Or, you could go modern and get a Spotify subscription to help him discover new music that he can even use on his phone and in the car if he isn’t on a computer day to day.

For the full nostalgia you could get him tickets to his favourite band. Many reunion tours are popping up all over the place so its good to set up an alert on SeeTickets or a similar site. Tickets to a festival could make you favourite sibling of the century, with Fleetwood Mac and Blur touring there are lots of great opportunities, if you can get the tickets! Or The Chemical Brothers and Duran Duran are headlining Bestival in September, while Grace Jones and Belle & Sebastian are at Festival Number 6 to really throw him back!

There are so many different presents to suit different Dads so you are sure to find the perfect father’s day gift somehow! From gadgets to food and drink or music and film, there is a present to suit any budget and any Dad!

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