Three Ideas For Throwing A Kid’s Party


Everyone will have had the experience of throwing a party for their kids at one point or another, and nobody’s going to pretend it’s an easy task. Keeping your own children entertained on a Saturday afternoon is enough of a task sometimes; finding something for a group of them to do can seem pretty daunting. You don’t want to just stick them in front of a film and leave them to it, but with the cost of children’s entertainment on the rise it’s easy to feel like that’s your only option. Don’t panic, though; there are plenty of simple activities, from card tricks for kids to an obstacle course, that you can include to engage their imaginations and get everyone involved in the fun.

Teach them magic

You don’t need a magician at your kid’s birthday party – teach them some magic of their own! Tricks like how to make a coin vanish or a cup seem to levitate are easy to learn and easy to teach, and the kids will have great fun trying out their new-found skills in wizardry – and showing their parents what they learned when they get home. Have a look at these simple card tricks for kids to get some ideas.

Set up a treasure hunt

If learning card tricks for kids isn’t really your speed, there are plenty of other party activities you can try. Setting up a treasure hunt is a great idea because it’s versatile – the concept can be applied to a number of situations, and it can be as structured or as free as you like. You can hide objects around the house and get your kids to find them, or, if the weather is nice, you can take them to the park and set them looking for leaves or even insects. There are even treasure hunt games that you can buy, where the treasure hunts follow a story and each hiding place contains a different puzzle – or you could try and come up with your own!

Get creative with food

Catering for children can be a challenge, but you might actually find it’s one of the best ways to get them to engage at a party. Set up an assembly line for sandwiches, teach them how to arrange fruits and vegetables into faces for display, or even get them to help out with dessert – and have fun at the same time! A cupcake or sugar cookie and some coloured icing pens will keep most children entertained for a good while, and they’ll get to eat the fruits of their labour at the end of the afternoon.

So there you have it – a few ideas for how to set up a party for your kids that everyone invited can enjoy. Do you have any stories of your own about kids’ parties you’ve planned? What did you do? Let us know in the comments.

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