The Do’s and Don’ts Of Safe Family Outdoor Adventures

I have been on many an outdoor adventure with my family and over time I have developed a good knowledge of what to do and what not to do in terms of their health and safety. A lot of it comes down to common sense. However, if you have even an ounce of concern about a particular location, activity, etc., I would always advise doing your homework beforehand. This will allow you to make sure it is suitable for your family and that you are well prepared. It’s not about being overprotective; it’s about being responsible and having peace of mind, allowing you to get the maximum enjoyment out of the adventure. If you are starting to plan outdoor adventures for you and your clan this spring and summer, here are my general do’s and don’ts for safe, healthy, and happy time.

Do always book a lesson with a qualified instructor when you are trying out a new activity (whether you believe it to be potentially dangerous or not). Not only will the instructor teach you how to do the exercise in the safest way, but he or she will also show you and your family how to do the activity properly. This will allow all of you to get the best enjoyment out of it.

Don’t book just any old instructor. Look for reputable people who are affiliated with a good outdoor adventure organisation. This means they will have the required level of training and health and safety knowledge. Check out reviews online from other families before booking.


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Do check the weather regularly. Especially if you and your family are planning on setting off for a walk or hike. The weather can change quickly, and it’s not safe or fun being in the wilderness in the middle of a storm. If you don’t have reception, enquire about the forecast at local shops or other businesses.

Don’t forget your waterproofs. Even if the sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky, rain is always a possibility in this country. So be prepared to ensure you and your family are kept dry and warm and (relatively) happy.

Do consider hygiene on your trip. You and your kids will undoubtedly get dirty (and a little stinky) when you are having fun outdoors. Things like hand sanitiser and face and body wipes should do the trick. For a longer trip, you may wish to consider more items. For example, a portable shower or a unique portable travel bidet will help keep you and your family clean and comfortable.

Don’t obsess over hygiene. While it’s important to consider it, try not to become too fixated on it. Your kids will want to explore nature properly, and if you are constantly chasing them with antibacterial wipes, it will suck the fun out of the trip for them, and you!


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Do carry a basic first aid kit with you. You probably won’t need to use it, but it will give you great peace of mind knowing that it is there.

Don’t forget to have loads of fun!

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