The Benefits of the SECA Telescopic Pole Camera


SECA (Sewer Equipment Company Australia) is Australia’s leading supplier of the equipment needed to clean, test, inspect, and restore drains and sewers, having been expanding its comprehensive range of quality products since 1967. Dart Systems is proud to supply these high-end devices to customers throughout the United Kingdom, and one of our favourites is the SECA DS100 telescopic pole camera system.

One of the things we find to be most popular about the SECA DS100 is its incredible flexibility. It can be used either pole mounted or as a standalone system, meaning that you will be granted complete flexibility of motion while you’re carrying out drain inspections. The telescopic pole is able to collapse to a length of just 1.2 meters or extend up to 4 meters, so you won’t have to worry about experiencing problems with height regulations, moving obstacles, or confined environments.

The camera head is also extremely versatile. This is due to its unique friction joint, which lets the head be articulated anywhere between 0° and 110°. You can change the position manually with ease by simply adjusting to the correct angle, but the mountings strength means that an alteration can also be achieved by pushing the camera head against a fixed object while it is in use. This is a real advantage since you won’t need to collapse the camera to carry out a full inspection while conducting a room or container search.

The camera itself can be depended upon to provide high resolution colour images in daylight, but can also be switched to an infra-red setting for use in low light settings, in which case clear black and white images can be captured at distances of up to 50ft. 850mm LEDs are used to provide illumination, and the camera boasts a working temperature of anywhere between -10 and +55°C. It even comes with a strong shoulder bag to make transportation easy.

One of the best systems on the market, the DS100 telescopic pole camera is just one of many examples of the superior equipment offered by SECA through Dart Systems. For any further information, just contact one of our team today.

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