The Advantages And Benefits Of Living Near Water

As you might already know, water is life. In addition to doctors advising us to drink lots of water to help improve good health. Living near water has its benefits too. Researchers and doctors have been able to ascertain how vital water is, and the reasons you should strive to live near a source of water. Many of us relate many things to water such as scenic drives, beautiful views, etc., and especially at the beach. Outlined below are some of the health benefits of living near a water body.

  1. You Get to Breathe Fresh Air

Water releases negatively charged ions into the air, which not only helps you to breathe fresh air but also gets rid of toxins from the air around. With positive ions and toxic compounds eliminated from the equation, breathing fresh air (exposed to water) helps improve the body’s capacity to absorb oxygen with ease, which again enhances serotonin levels and alertness. Breathing fresh air makes it possible to deal with stressful situations more efficiently and elevates your mood as well. This is one of the reasons most people will seek fresh air when faced with a difficult situation.

  1. It Strengthens the Immune System

The air around water bodies is rich in moisture and oxygen. Breathing oxygen-rich air makes the conditions right for decreased stress and relaxation, hence a strengthened immunity. A stronger immunity is vital for it helps fight disease, illnesses, and other health conditions that might put us down. Improved immunity is one of the benefits people living near water benefit from, hence never really think or worry about.

  1. You Get to Sleep Better

As mentioned earlier, exposure to water helps the body and mind relax. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to invest in a sound machine, white noise, or a water feature in their homes to be able to get a good night’s sleep. Living near water has more benefits that investing in these toys. This is because the air is already purified hence giving you a reason to clear your mind from any distractions or stressors you might have. The fact that living near water helps your brain relax also helps you enjoy good quality and uninterrupted sleep all night long. This enables you to wake up feeling energized and rejuvenated.

  1. Improves your White Blood Cell Count

Trees and any plants near a water body are known to release phytoncides in the air. These chemicals are known to not only help brain cells relax but also elevate production of white blood cells. Increased white blood cell counts mean one thing, your body will be able to take on various infections, hence a serious immune booster.

  1. You Experience Happiness in Another Level

When exposed to water and sounds created by the same, the mind enters a meditative state commonly known as ‘Blue Mind.’ Scientists and researchers have been able to determine that simply looking at moving water, or listening to the sounds produced by the same floods the brain with dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for good feeling and brain cell relaxation. 

  1. It Helps you Relax

The sounds of flowing water and the water itself can be therapeutic. This is one of the reasons for engaging in activities such as walking or fishing helps fight the effects of PTSD and other stress-related conditions. Participating in such activities and especially if having a hard time with depression and anxiety is recommended.

  1. Adds Healthy Days To Your Life

Visiting a water body, lake, pond, sea, river, or ocean is a great way to add healthy days to your life. Simply watching the water mass move, and listening to the sounds of trickling water increases life expectancy and reduces stress levels as well. This is according to studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute.

If you can’t upsticks and move then an indoor fountain may be able to provide you with a lot of these benefits.

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