Most Stylish Christmas Gifts for Her



Exchanging Christmas gifts is one of the best holiday traditions, because then you can show to someone just how much he/she means to you. Still, buying gifts for a woman can be complicated, especially when you would rather surprise her, instead of just plain asking her what does she want. Ideas for gifts can come from very different fields, but if you are asking for one quality that will make the special girl in your life fall in love with your gift that is stylishness. Here are some great ideas for stylish Christmas gifts for your girl.

Winter Wardrobe

Everyone loves cozying up in a warm and fluffy sweater or some other winter wardrobe essential when Christmas arrives. Just don’t go overboard with the holiday spirit, most of the ladies don’t actually enjoy wearing knitted items with reindeers. Opt for elegant classics, such as checked coat, knitted jumper dress, faux fur vest, cardigan and a turtleneck.

Or a Winter Accessory

Christmas is the season of cold weather (well, not Down Under), and giving your special lady something warm will show her just how much you care for her. It doesn’t get cozier than an infinity scarf and knitted beret hat. If you want to make it even more stylish, then get her a wool fedora hat and a pair of leather gloves.

Or a Summer Accessory

It’s always summer somewhere, and it doesn’t matter if it is where you’re coming from, December is the perfect time to search for stylish sunglasses online at more affordable prices. Other cool sunny weather things you can purchase are a floppy sunhat, swimsuit, kaftans, pareo, and a beach bag.

Girl’s Best Friends – Shoes

Diamonds are not as close to a woman’s heart as shoes, and even cinematography made that clear with pairs such as the powerful Wizard of Oz ruby slippers and all the amazing Manolo Blahniks Carry Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City. Double check her size and go get the trendiest pair of the year (think laces, big buckles and straps).

Something Sparkly

Jewelry is a foolproof gift for ladies for centuries, and there is no woman in the world who doesn’t like it. The trick is that you have to know what she’s into and what she definitely doesn’t like. Some women detest pearls, other dislike gold, and some will enjoy a unique and weird jewelry piece that reminds them of their passion (e.g. a pendant with a book quote).

A Purse She’ll Love

Women may love shoes, but they have a passionate love affair with bags. You can choose the “one bag to rule them all”, a simple black leather shoulder model, or take your chances with the 2017 trendiest pieces, such as cross-body bags, reticule pouches, boxy handbags, furry and animal skin handbags, minaudières and half-moon bags.

A Really Cool Makeup Set

Girls can’t get enough of their non-digital Photoshop – that’s right, a vanity case filled with their favorite makeup product is a better alternative for the digital version. If you want to take the simple road, see which products she’s already using and help her stock up for future days. Still, just as with the bags, you can check the latest trends and equip her with deep shade lipsticks (e.g. plum, burgundy…), glittery and metallic eye shadows, and lip glosses.

Fashion in Print

If the woman you are exchanging Christmas gifts with is really into fashion, consider treating it with an annual subscription to some of the most famous fashion magazines (Vogue, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazar). You can also go with something more permanent, a book about fashion for instance. Books like Carolina Herrera 35 Years of Fashion and The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior will make a great addition to her coffee table.

Now go and buy your gorgeous lady the stylish gift she deserves to receive.

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