Rich Benefits Of Using Outdoor Pull Up Bars

Are you looking to add more exercise into your busy schedule, but don’t know how?  It may be time to consider finding the best pull up bar for your budget and installing it.  Although the great thing about these ingenuous pieces of exercise equipment is that they can be installed virtually anywhere, we will be looking specifically in the following post at the benefits of installing the outdoor variety of pull up bars.

Reminds You To Work Out

One of the biggest benefits of installing a pull up bar, whether inside or outside your home, is that it acts as a constant reminder to you to workout.  It can be easy to forget or just not bother to exercise if your equipment is at the local gym or locked away somewhere safe from your eyesight.  However, as most pull up bars, especially outdoor pull up bars, are there at all times, you can never really escape that reminder to exercise.  If you have one installed in the back garden for instance, any time you go to hang out the washing or do something out in the back, you will see it.  If you have it installed to the side of your property, you will undoubtedly pass it when you go to drive to work or wherever you have to go to.  By not being able to put it out of your mind, by seeing the bar everyday, it will provide stronger motivation to use it.

Targets Multiple Muscles At Once

Pull ups as an exercise are obviously designed to improve the strength , size and shape of your upper body.  However, as they are known as a compound exercise, they actually exercise more than one joint at a time.  It is true that your lats will mostly be targeted during a pull up, but so to will your traps, rhomboids, biceps, forearms and chest.

Quality Not Quantity

The fascinating thing about pull ups is that you don’t actually have to do too many of them to have a successful or effective workout, as long as you are performing them regularly.  This is especially true in the beginning, when you are first learning the technique.  It is unwise to throw yourself into doing 20 if you can barely do one.  It is much better to practice and perfect doing a full complete pull up and then gradually building up to more and more each time.  Not only will this help ensure you complete each exercise safely, but it will help your body to build up the necessary stamina to continue increasing the number of repetitions you are capable of completing in one session.

Exercising Outside Has Its Own Unique Benefits

As this article is about the benefits of using outdoor pull up bars, it is worth touching on just why exercising outside is a good thing.  You may not want to go out for a cycle, play football or run around the block, but if you don’t do some form of exercise outside you could be missing out on rich benefits.  Installing an outdoor pull up bar gets you out in the fresh air, away from the confines of your home.  Exercising inside with poor lighting can often be very uninspiring, whereas if you are out in the shin shine (okay, maybe not for Britain, but you understand where we are going with this) and there is a nice steady breeze, you will feel better internally, which will motivate you to exert yourself physically more.

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