Lakefest One of the Top Festivals of 2017


Charlatans and Imelda May Contributed to a Festival to Remember

Lakefest has a growing reputation as a festival to take seriously. This year’s event saw stand out performances and had a wonderful vibe.

As we go through the summer months it is easy to become cynical and think another weekend, another festival, as some Michael Eavis wannabee sets about organising a second rate Glastonbury rip off on yet another village green. In some cases, this is undoubtedly true, but there is always the odd exception to prove the rule.

This year’s example was most certainly Lakefest. The festival took place from 10 to 14 August in the beautiful surroundings of Eastnor Castle in Ledbury, Hertfordshire, and it was an event from which even Glastonbury could learn a few lessons.

The quality of the acts was high, the infrastructure and organisation was effective, the power kept flowing thanks to efficient generator hire from Templant. But above and beyond all these things there was an atmosphere of happiness, camaraderie and, dare we say it, family, that is too often missing, and can leave other festivals a little on the flat side, no matter how impressive the acts.

Who was on?

On Friday, attendees were treated to a singalong grin fest by Feeder. The night contained one of those moments that you remember for years as the entire crowd leapt in the air during the most famous line from their most famous hit Buck Rogers. As Grant Nichols sang the phrase “It’s got a CD player,” it seemed that every man, woman, child and dog was airborne for a moment.

Saturday headliners The Charlatans gave the kind of performance that has made them such festival favourites over the past decade or so, and if the broad smile on Tim Burgess’ face throughout was anything to go by, they will be as enthusiastic to return next year as the capacity crowd.

Come Sunday, Imelda May had plenty to live up to, and she rocked it with a strong and emotional performance. She seemed to have the crowd in the palm of her hand, and her reflection on some of the events that have taken place in the world over recent months, as a lead in to the emotion of her hit song Love and Fear, had everyone transfixed.

More than just the music

As we have already mentioned, there is more to a great gig than the music. Lakefest had a variety of events and attractions going on throughout the four days. Most people will remember the BMX track, where there were both pro displays and the opportunity for have a go heroes to show off their skills.

But perhaps the most memorable was the open Q&A session hosted by the organisers on the final day, in which they discussed plans for next year and invited attendees to share their experiences. Now that’s not something you’d encounter at Glastonbury!

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