Kit Yourself Out For A Family Trip In The Great Outdoors

There is no better place for a father and his kids than the great outdoors. The fresh air and the sense of adventure is just what growing children need. It’s perfect for parents who spend the weekdays working hard too. Everyone needs a break and the great outdoors is a great way to free yourself from weekday troubles. You can explore new places, try new sports and adventures or just take long walks. Whatever you do, the great outdoors commands respect and you should be well prepared. Here’s how to kit yourself out for a great trip.



Clothes – The great outdoors is an unpredictable and fickle beast! You can set off in the morning with the sun blazing in the sky. Two hours later and you can find yourself stuck in a torrential downpour in the middle of nowhere! You’ll need to pack a variety of clothes to ensure that you are fully prepared for the day ahead. If you’re planning on getting involved in any outdoor or adventure sports, clothing is even more important. Visit for more information on outdoor sportswear.

Rucksack – A good, solid rucksack will be able to hold everything you need on your trip. Remember, you’ll need to pack extra clothes, food and any other provisions for your journey. The rucksack needs to be large, practical and waterproof. The best ones distribute the weight around your body so you don’t strain your shoulders. If you plan on regular outdoor trips, it’s worth investing in a quality rucksack. You’ll really notice the difference.

Tents – No trip into the great outdoors is complete without a little camping. It doesn’t get any better than telling stories around the campfire and roasting marshmallows! Naturally, you’ll need a good, practical tent here. For families, it’s worth investing in a large, family sized tent with separate rooms for the kids. Take note of the waterproof and breathability ratings before you purchase and buy the best you can afford.

Safety and first aid kit – The great outdoors commands respect. Although it is endlessly exciting and fun, accidents can happen. There are hazards and dangers everywhere, but so long as you are prepared, you’ll be fine. Make sure your children are well aware of the hazards and how to avoid them. If something happens, always carry a first aid kit to take care of immediate problems.

Navigation – One of the most dangerous aspects of the great outdoors is getting lost. Losing your way is all too easy if you’re not prepared. Make sure you always carry a physical map with you. Alongside that, you should have a GPS system that can tell you your exact location. Keep spare batteries and a fully charged mobile phone for additional support.

Follow this advice and you’ll be fully kitted out to start exploring! The great outdoors is an incredible way to experience nature and get away from the weekday stresses. However, treat it with respect and be prepared for all eventualities. Good luck guys!


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