Key Features to Look At When Buying a Beard Trimmer

maxresdefault[1]If you want to manage your beard with more precision than a safety razor or a full size electric razor, you may be considering a beard trimmer.  If you are interested in buying one but are not entirely sure what you should be looking for, then you’ve come to the right place.  In the following article we aim to help you by discussing the key features you should look for when buying a beard trimmer.

Beard trimmers do vary quite significantly in terms of price, features, purpose and type, which is why we have put together a list of the things we think are most important when it comes to beard trimmers.  Obviously you are best choosing the one that best fits the purpose you require it for, but what other feature s are worth taking into consideration?

Decent Battery Life

This is probably the most essential feature besides the actual ability to cut and remove hair from your face.  If you are running late for work or that hot date and don’t have time to do a proper wet shave, you would obviously turn to your beard trimmer as the solution.  However, when you try to work it you realise it is out of power.  It is situations like this that happen regularly that mean you need to be aware of the battery life of your trimmer.  It is best to find one that doesn’t need very long to charge and that once it has been charged fully; will last longer than just one shave.

Practical Attachments

Although you are probably mainly concerned with finding a trimmer that will trim your beard with as little hassle as possible; if you choose wisely you can get one that comes with a whole plethora of useful attachments.  You may never have thought about trimming your ear, eyebrow and nose hair, but perhaps you would if you had an easy to use and effective attachment for your beard trimmer that handled these jobs.

Does It Have A Moving Head?

Many older models of beard trimmers featured stationary heads, as opposed to newer ones that feature moving heads.  For some men this means an even easier and closer trim that they are fully in control of; however for others with sensitive skin it can cause irritation.

Portable and Easy To Carry

The ideal beard trimmer is one that is portable and easy enough to carry if you are travelling.  This also helps save space in your bathroom when you are not travelling.  So, even if you are just chucking it into your briefcase or bag before heading to the office, you want to know it will not weigh things down too much.  Always look for a model that isn’t particularly cumbersome or bulky, without any compromise on its effectiveness to do the job it was designed to do.

There you have it, some of the key features you should be looking at when choosing a new or your first beard trimmer.  For more information on beard trimmers and a more comprehensive buying guide head over to My Beard Trimmer.

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