Ideas for Gardening with Kids

stone-plant-markersGardening with children is a great way to spend quality time with them. It is an inexpensive hobby that lets them know where their food comes from and the patience it takes to grow food. Regardless of the amount of room that you have, there are fun gardening activities that you and your child will enjoy.

Growing Soda Bottle Tomatoes

Soda bottle tomatoes are fun to grow on the deck. Start with a clean empty two litre soda bottle and trim off the bottom. Then, let the kids use a paint marker or an ink marker to decorate the outside of the bottle. Tie a string around the mouth of the bottle, which will now be at the bottom. Fill the bottle with dirt and plant your tomato seeds and watch themĀ sprout and grow.

Grow Chia Houses

Kids love the look of Chia pets when they see them in stores. The great news for parents is that it is easy to build your own chia house at home. Simply let the kids use paint markers to draw the sides of the house and then cut sponges into pieces to form the top and roof of the house. Hold it together with a little bit of glue or some toothpicks. Once the house is together, the child can even add windows and doors using multi surface markers. Then, use a water bottle to get the sponges slightly wet. Cover with grass seeds and put the house in a clear storage container until it sprouts. Then, watch as the grassĀ It continues to grow.

Decorate with Painted Seed Labels

It is always so difficult to remember what is painted where, but there is an easy solution to this problem. Let the kids help you gather some rocks and then give them a good bath. While the rock is drying, draw out your design on a piece of scrap paper. Then, use a paint marker or a multi-surface marker to draw your design on the rock. Your child can create crazy carrots, exciting eggplants and rough radishes to match what is growing in your garden. Simply lay the rock next to the row in the garden and you will remember what is growing there.

Gardening with children is a great way to help them learn. Use a multi-surface marker, an ink marker or a paint marker to let them add their own touch of creativity to their gardening projects.

Make a Water Garden

Water gardens have a universal appeal to everyone, and they are so easy to make. Start by finding a waterproof container. If you want to use a ceramic pot, then simply cover any holes in the bottom from the inside and let the kids decorate the outside with an ink marker. Position the pot where you want it and then fill it with water. Finally, plant your favourite water plants including arrowhead, English ivy, water lettuce and cranberry taro.

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