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The way of delicacy

To say that Parrot Uncle offers decorative lights of high-quality makes good sense. That’s the essence of what they do – but it hardly tells the whole story.

Who is Parrot Uncle?

Specializing in lighting fixtures, Parrot Uncle is an electronic commercial company which has been dedicating itself to becoming a global lighting fixtures premier dealer. With the belief that light can change life, it provides lighting fixtures of supreme quality, such as affordable pendant lights, exquisite Tiffany lamps and unique vintage pendant lights

What makes it stand out?

Boasting of a complete and mature lighting production and supply chain, it promises you products of high quality, sufficient supply and reasonable cost. Apart from those basic qualities of a light, people put increasing attention on the decorative function on lighting fixtures. They are proud to inform you that we also have professional teams to design products of different styles and qualified teams to assure the products’ quality.

Although they are various in styles, all of our products have common features. First, they are the incarnation of elegance. The consummate combination of the traditional handcraft and the modern techniques account for the elegance, the major visual effect their lights add to your house decoration. Then, their products embody delicacy. All products are detail oriented. If you look carefully at our products, you will find that the surfaces of the shade and the base are carved or painted with hand-made subtle patterns. These patterns are exquisite and will surely show your taste. Last but not least, their products undergo strict detection. They have zero-tolerance product detection system and all products will be strictly examined without exception. This procedure will deny the inferior-quality products’ access to the market.

  Our Website

If you have browsed their website, you will find all the products are clearly classified. It is very convenient and time-saving for you to find the most suitable lighting fixtures. What you need to do is just choose the one to your liking and your need. Shopping online will become a pleasure for all customers. Welcome your visit and are looking forward to offering great service and supreme products for you.







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