How bringing a pet into your home can help your family

Owning a pet is an enriching experience for anyone, a fact you will be well aware of if you have cared for an animal. Because of its physical and mental benefits, integrating a pet into your daily lifestyle has been proven to improve the overall quality of life. A family dog in particular is good not only for you but also for your children, who will learn qualities such as responsibility, maturity and self-confidence through the process of living with and looking after their own pet.

Benefits to you and your family

There are several bonus points you earn when you bring home a pet dog:

  • A more active you: caring for a dog involves exercise, and that means not only for your dog but also for you. Walks in the neighbourhood, playtime in the park, a game of tug at home – all of these are not only necessary to keep your pooch strong and happy but also involve physical activity from you, improving your overall health and happiness.
  • Timing is everything: when you own a dog, schedules suddenly become the most important thing in your life because your dog will need attention at specific times or after specific intervals during the day. The habit of feeding and walking your dog will become a driving force in your life and establish a healthy daily routine for you to follow and work around. It’s a win-win situation.
  • No more stress: a loving companion, trusted partner and unconditional friend who wants nothing more than to be around you for all his life – sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This is why your pet will become the ultimate stress-buster and anxiety healer just by greeting you with love at the door every single day when you return from work.
  • Increased bonding between family members: caring for a dog is more fun when you are surrounded by family. For added help, Bob Martin has been supporting pet owners with its products and services, assuring your pet a healthy, happy life and you with a rewarding journey as a pet owner. Creating sweet memories and recalling your dog’s naughty tricks will bring the household together, not to mention the teamwork it takes to tend to a perpetually energetic young dog!


Benefits to your kids

Learning to adjust and look after a dog promotes holistic growth in children. Feelings of stable friendship, sharing, caring, and the physical calming effects of stroking and cuddling a dog will make your child more trusting, positive, composed, tolerant and friendly. All of these qualities add to a strong self-image in growing children.

Taking the plunge

If you are a first-time owner or you are planning to bring a new pet into your house, you may have some concerns. Once you have chosen the right breed for your home, allocate a space for your dog to first adjust to. Follow an eating, training and walking schedule right from the start. Avoid exposing the animal to outsiders in the beginning.

Dogs benefit the home environment on the whole in a positive way, promoting bonds of love and togetherness to last a lifetime. No wonder they are called man’s best friend.

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