Four Perfect Outdoor Activities for Families

PicnicsOutdoor activities are great for families. Everyone gets the chance to spend time together without too many distractions. It is a chance to catch up and bond as well as a time to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise. Here are some great ideas for outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy.


The perfect outdoor activity is going for a walk. You can do it literally anywhere. Most people have a good coat and decent pair of flat shoes, so you could read this, turn off the compute and go for a family walk right now.

Taking a walk need not make a big dent in your family’s time. Even walking to your nearest cafe or pub is enough to get everyone talking and get some much-needed exercise. If you have a dog, start by taking him or her out with one or all of your kids. Get your spouse to do the same and walk all together over the weekends. That way each child gets a bit of quality time with each parent as well as time together as a family.

Once you are into walking as a family you can out walking for the day. Walking holidays are a great way of seeing the country.


Having a barbecue is fun, but a picnic adds in an element of adventure. There really is nothing better than eating your favourite foods together in a local park, or woods.

Getting the kids involved in preparing the food is a great way of speeding up the preparation and another way for everyone to spend time together. It builds anticipation too.

It is not a time consuming pastime either. Preparing a picnic does not take any longer than it would to prepare regular meals, which you have to do anyway. All you need is a spare 30 or 40 minutes to travel to and back from your chosen picnic site.


Cycling is great fun. These days it is not that hard to find great deals on a range of bikes for men, women and children , so even if you don’t have a set of bikes this is still an option for your family. Kitting everyone out with bikes need not be that expensive, and when you consider that you can use them for the commute to work, popping to the shops etc, as well as for fun bikes soon pay for themselves.


As you will know from reading this blog my favourite outdoor activity is camping. It really is great for families.

A family sized tent is not that expensive, and of course, you can always borrow one from a friend. There is no need to plunge straight in. It is better to plan a night away at a campsite that is close to home than to go abroad with a tent for two weeks for your first trip.

Taking it gently allows you to get organised and work out if it really is for your family. Give it a few goes.

If the weather forecast is not great, for your first planned trip cancel and go another weekend. Once you are used to camping the weather won’t bother you, but for new campers rain definitely puts a damper on things and can be enough to make a kid allergic to camping for life.

Of course, the great thing about camping is that you can combine all of my other outdoor activity ideas, and enjoy many others.

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