For Vacation, Follow Your Passion… Like This

How do you choose a vacation destination? Sure, you can always go to that beach house that was owned by your great grandfather and stands as a monument to peace and quiet. But what if you really want to step out and treat yourself to vacation that’s just for you?

You can organize a vacation around your hobbies. What is it that you are passionate about? Let’s look at a few examples:


Yes, even food lovers go on vacation once in a while and where is it that they go?

They go everywhere and anywhere, but some of the favorite destinations for food lovers are the Far East, New Orleans and, of course, Paris, France.


What sports do you like? Many vacation plans coincide remarkably with the travel plans of their favorite baseball team. How does a trip from Boston to Cleveland to Detroit to Chicago to Baltimore and up to New York strike you? If you were following the New York Yankees around on a road trip, that might be as good as it gets.

What about golf? There’s a sport in which vacations generally include bringing your clubs along. You start by figuring out where to look for Master’s tickets and go from there to calling three golf buddies and announcing a road trip. Then you go watch the best golfers in the world and after that play some of the most inspired golf of your life on a few beautiful southern courses under sunny skies. Or you could hack your way across those courses, but that’s not what you tell your friends when you get home.


Art lovers go on vacation too. And where do they go?

They go straight to New York, Washington, D.C., Paris or London, but if there was only one option allowed, art lovers go straight to Rome.

Why do they do that? Well, first, not all of them do. Art lovers aim for museums and the best in the world are found in major cities everywhere. Think New York, not Boston, but even Boston has great museums in its own right.

But Rome is where everything is art. The buildings are art. The people are art. The clothing and shoes are art. The food is art. The roads are art. The history is art. And the art – wow. The art is spectacular.

Roller Coastering

OK, roller coastering is not a verb. But to some families, it certainly seems like it should be.

OK, I also don’t know what roller coaster lovers do for a hobby. Do they press on the gas pedal when they see a speed bump ahead in the road? I don’t believe so. There are a lot of roller coaster fans, but I don’t see that many people willing to sacrifice their car’s suspension just to prove a point.

I do know families that have check lists of amusement parks, just like mountain climbers who check off the highest peaks they have climbed. One check for Mt. Denali. One check for Busch Gardens.

What did you do there? Rode Apollo’s Chariot, of course. Check.

Where else? Google “Best roller coasters in the US,” and you see dozens of intimidating possibilities. You see the Maverick at Cedar Point (in Sandusky, Ohio), Phatom’s Revenge at Kennywood Theme Park (in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania) and Outlaw Run, a wooden roller coaster located at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

For those who like to travel upside down at warp speeds – not to be missed.


Yes, rocks! We all have them in our yards, but that isn’t really so much a vacation as…walking outside. But Mother Nature has certainly created some extensive and colorful rocks around the country.

No matter what your passion, there are plenty of locales you can visit to explore them.

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