Essential Wilderness Hacks For Outdoorsy Travelers


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As my regular readers know, I’m no stranger to heading off the beaten track! I love exploring the parts of the word that tourists don’t usually see. But, there are some parts of the globe that are really off the beaten track. I’m talking about trekking into the wilderness!

Lots of us are lucky enough to have woods and forests on our doorstep. But, even if you’re traveling, make your next adventure all about the outdoors. You’ll learn a lot about yourself camping overnight in the forest. Sure, it’s a little scary at times, especially if you’re traveling alone. But you’ll wake up a braver person! And isn’t that what travel and adventure is all about? If you’re excited by the idea of the wilderness, here are some useful tricks and hacks to help you out.

Light a fire

This is a lot trickier than it sounds, but with lots of patience, it can be done! You need a long ‘fireboard’, with a groove etched into it (I hope you brought your pen knife!) Then, set up a small piece of kindling or ‘tinder nest’ at one end. Dry leaves, grass, and dry splinters of wood are perfect. You can use using another piece of dry wood, to start rubbing up and down the groove. You’ll send embers into the tinder, and it will began to burn. It takes a while, so be patient! When you get a spark, start blowing to fan the flame!

Learn your edible plants and flowers

If you want the real outdoorsy experience, you’re going to need to learn what you can and can’t eat! Personally, I advise taking enough food to last you the whole trip! But, if you find yourself in a bind, it’s good to know what’s out there. There is a long list of healthy and nutritious plants out in the woods. If you want to learn them all, visit Just be careful of anything with spines, fine hairs, and three-leaved growth patterns.

Duct tape is your saviour

Out in the wilderness duct tape will solve any problem you can think off. It will waterproof your clothing. Simply tape it around your boots opening to keep water off your feet. Some explorers even use it to treat blisters and surface wounds. If you’re very resourceful, you can use duct tape to build an additional shelter! You never know when this one will come in handy, keep it with you at all times.

Lots of socks

There is nothing worse than cold, wet feet out in the wilderness. Take as many socks as you can fit in your pack! Warm them up over the fire, and then switch them over for the best feeling in the world! Socks can also be used to purify water or sift fluids. Very handy if you find yourself in a pickle. But mostly, it’s all about comfort here.

That’s all for now adventurers! What else would you take with you on a wild trip to the wilderness?

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