Don’t Set Off on Your Cross Country Motorcycle Trip Without Reading This!



Are you planning on taking a motorcycle trip across the country? If so, there are a few things that you will want to do to make sure that your trip is as safe as can possibly be. One of the first things that you will want to do is to make sure that you have adequate insurance for your bike.

Insure It

Motorcycles are subject to many of the same requirements for insurance that cars are. Motorcycle insurance can include things like liability coverage, which will cover expenses for the other party if you are at fault. Then there is comprehensive and collision. This covers your bike so that in the event of an accident, you will not need to pay for all of the repairs to your bike. You can also get covered for things like vandalism, fire, and theft, uninsured and/or underinsured motorists, roadside assistance, and medical payments. Don’t forget to ask for discounts, though. These can be available for things like certificate holders in safety courses, experienced drivers, military personnel, and more.

Cover the Dome

While it isn’t a law in every state, it is a law in some and if you want to be safe, you will wear a helmet anyway. It doesn’t need to be anything state of the art. Your typical brain bucket will work just fine. That being said, if you did want the latest in helmet technology, you might want to check the ones with Augmented Reality, or AR. When this tech is used in real time, it will give the driver the data that he or she will need to improve their perception of their surroundings.

Get the Bike Ready

You need to prepare for your ride. Your bike needs to be in perfect shape before you leave home. If this means that you need to spring for an oil change, new tires, or anything else that will be required for the trip, do it. If you know that you will need to do one of these things During your trip, then it would be best to arrange it in advance with a good dealer that is on your route. You might also want to carry a few tools and parts in the event that you have a break down. You also need to remember your cell phone and credit card. Because cell coverage can be sketchy in places, a CB radio might also come in handy.

The Right Stuff

The type and amount of gear that you will need to pack will be dependent on a few factors that can include your final destination and the weather. That being said, there are some essentials that need to be packed. These include a charger for your cell phone, a map (for those times when your cell signal is sketchy and you can’t use your GPS app), snacks, bottled water, a sweatshirt, a repair kit for the tires, a tool kit, and a first aid kit. Keep in mind that balance and the even distribution of weight are critical for a ride that is safe. Ensure that the saddlebags on your bike and all of your gear are distributed evenly.

A Few More Tips

  1. Stop putting it off. You aren’t getting any younger.
  2. America might be a bit bigger than you thought. Because of this, make sure that you plan for enough time to go everywhere you want to go and see all of the things you want to see.
  3. Interstates might be the fastest route, but they are also the ones that are the most boring.
  4. If you are riding a sport bike, make sure that you have new tires before your trip. These bikes are harder on tires than touring bikes.
  5. If you happen to be planning a summertime trip, try getting a cooling vest. They will keep you protected and cooler.
  6. Consider wearing earplugs if you enjoy having the sense of hearing.

Lastly, try to be open about your route. Getting lost and finding new paths is a great way to enjoy the adventure that this can be.

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