Clever Questions To Ask An Agent Before Buying A Property

Clever Questions To Ask An Agent Before Buying A PropertyAlthough buying a property can be likened to playing a psychological game of poker, as there are huge incentives for an estate agent to avoid inconvenient facts and bluffing; they are also legally obliged to tell the truth.  This means that when you are looking at property for sale Devon, that you need to ask the right questions to find out whether you are getting the property of your dreams or nightmares.

Why Is The Owner Selling The Property?

While the agent doesn’t have to answer this question, they may hint at the circumstances surrounding the owner’s decision to sell.  You may find out that the owner is selling because they are due to start work abroad soon, and therefore might accept a lower price if pushed.

Is There Anything That You Would Want To Know About The Property, If It Was You (the agent) Buying It?

One of the things people fear is that when they buy a house that they are missing a major negative about the house that other people are aware of.  Are the next door neighbours abusive and noisy, a sewage plant or some other kind of factory opening up close by or is the a local bus service being cut or local train station being closed?  If you have any doubts about a property, as well as asking the agent, you could also ask the next door neighbours and local shop and business owners what they think about it.

What Exactly Is Included In The Sale?

Every sale is different and you need to be sure you know exactly what you are getting before signing on the dotted line.  For example – Are the fittings and fixture included in the price?  And is the greenhouse and garden shed included?

How Long Has It Been On The Market?

If you find out that the property has been on the market for quite a long time, ask the agent why they think it’s not selling.  Is the seller asking for too much money?  Have other potential buyers spotted problems with the property that you haven’t that put them off buying?

How Long Have The Current Owners Had The Property?

If the owners have only stayed at the property for a relatively short amount of time, it is important to find out why.  You could ask the agent if they have had problems with their neighbours, as those problems might carry on to you if you moved in.

Has There Been A Lot Of Owners In A Small Period Of Time?

If the property has changed hands frequently, this might be the sign of serious problems.  Find out why each other owners moved and even if the agent can’t tell you why, you could try to contact them directly.

How Was The Asking Price Decided Upon?

Any good estate agent will give a full explanation as to why a seller set a particular asking price.  It may even be the case, if you are fortunate, that the agent will give you their own insight into why the seller has overvalued the property.

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