The Best Time to Take a Family Holiday to Japan

The Best Time to Take a Family Holiday to Japan

Wanting to take your family on a holiday to Japan but are unsure of when to go? Japan actually features a mild climate so you’re fairly flexible on dates and seasons as each of the seasons feature a plethora of fun activities. However, you should keep certain dates like holidays and school vacations in mind as many families may have the same idea.  Remember each of these seasons features unique attractions and festivals so factor those in as you choose your travel dates.

Japan’s climate is similar to the east coast of the United States, which means that there definitely four distinct seasons, though Japan’s weather is often milder. Spring is often popular because of the cherry blossoms or autumn because of the Tokyo Motor Show or Japan Grand Prix. You’ll find something your family will love in every season:

Spring in Japan typically lasts from March to late May, and one of the biggest highlights of spring is seeing the cherry blossoms bloom. Japan even hosts flower viewing parties at a multitude of locations, including Matsumae Park, where you can see over 250 types of blossoms among 10,000 trees.  Spring in Japan also brings many other flowers and several festivals, including Sanja Matsuri and the Tokyo International Anime Fair.

It rains in the summer from mid-June to mid-July in most areas, except for Hokkaido, and then turns hot and humid. Japan could also become overwhelming busy with families trying to see the sights during these months. If you can swing it, you may prefer to visit in one of the other seasons, though if you’re visiting during summer, come prepared with light fabrics and lots of sunscreen.

Autumn is actually one of the best times to explore Japan as the weather has cooled, and you can see the change of colours. Tokyo and Kyoto feature prime locations for seeing the change of colours of the leaves. Just like spring, Japan’s autumn season features numerous festivals, including the Takayama Autumn Festival, the last grand sumo wrestling tournament of the year, and Tokyo Motor Show.

Don’t forget about winter, as that season also carries its own brand of charm.  Japan features many mountains and hills ideal for skiing and snowboarding, and family winter fun. In addition, the country also features hot springs, or rotenburo (outdoor heated baths) perfect for warming up after a long day out in the snow.

Experience a superb itinerary of family holidays in Japan, including a complete 12-day journey for your family. It covers seeing a multitude of temples but also some family friendly attractions like Disneyland in Tokyo or Toei Movieland in Kyoto. Since this is an independent tour, you may select your own travelling dates.

Other tips for travelling to Japan with family

  • Avoid travelling at the busiest times such as Golden Week from April 29th to May 5th, July and August when school is out, and around the New Year.
  • Skip the crowds at attractions by visiting the most popular ones on a weekday during non-peak hours. This will prevent your children from excessively whining.
  • Choose one or two theme parks to explore as Japan features several, and spend the rest of your time embracing historical and traditional Japanese culture.

Take note of the tips discussed above and you’re sure to have a worry-free trip with your family.

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