Best Dog Poo Bags

Owning a dog is a pleasure, and the sheer loyalty and love you get from a dog, no matter what breed you prefer, is something you cannot get anywhere else. A dog will always reward you with love and attention, and you will find having one as a pet a major bonus. Some people prefer larger dogs – retrievers, Alsatians, and labradoodles are all popular breeds, while toy and lap dogs of various breeds are also popular.

Whatever sort of dog you have, no matter the size or type, there are a few constants: it will need feeding, it will need exercise and – the one we don’t like to talk about – it will need to poo! It’s not a nice subject, but it’s an inevitable one, and especially when it comes to what to do about it.

We all know the feeling: you’re out for a walk, and your dog decides the most visible place of all, with the most people watching, is the place where it’s going to go. You shouldn’t worry, as every dog owner there ever was has experienced the same thing! The crucial thing is, we have to be responsible for our dog’s mess, and make sure it is removed and disposed of in the safest way.

Choosing the Right Bag

Dog poo must not be left to simply wash away, whether in your garden or elsewhere. It can contain pollutants and bacteria that may find their way into the water course, and this can be dangerous. In most places you can land yourself with a hefty fine if you are seen to let your dog foul a public place without cleaning it up, and as a dog owner, you like to be responsible and keep the needs of others in mind, too.

That’s why dedicated poo bags have become a thing to carry lately; in the last few years, the market for these essential accessories has become a very competitive one, but what do you look for?

You need a bag that is easy to open, to close and then to tie, and you need one that is as environmentally friendly as possible as it will go in general waste. The very nature of such a bag means it will likely be made of some form of plastic, so check the specifications to see just how green its credentials are.

Using Your Bag

It’s not a nice subject, but how do you use your poo bag? A simple open, scoop, lift and close routine is the best way, and for this reason you need an easy to use bag, and one that is strong and will not tear.

It’s perhaps the only downside of dog ownership, but it is a part of life with a dog, so you should check out the many different poo bags on the market. Buy in bulk to save money, and make sure the one you choose is the right size for the breed of dog you own!

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