Being a lover of outdoor pursuits and a Dad to 2 growing boys leads to a pretty exciting life and this is something I am keen to share with the world.

We live in a town which has easy access to some beautiful countryside and I like to try and make the most of this to get out and do different things as a family each weekend or Bank Holiday. At first it can seem tough to work out what to do with your boys that they will enjoy and learn from but after a while you can get into a routine and make it a regular part of the week.

This might sound like a chore but for me it is the highlight of my week and I hope that it is for my children as well. I love to see them getting excited about heading off somewhere new and this gives me an extra impulse to organise everything as well as I possibly can for them. These are hopefully going to be special memories for them, just as I have so many special memories of the adventures I had when I was their age.

A Way to Enjoy Life

Clearly this isn’t all that I do. I work and we do the same things every family does day in and day out, like cooking and tidying up and doing school homework. However, I have found that making time to be adventurous on a regular basis makes me feel good and it makes my boys healthy and active as well. It is definitely a way of enjoying life which I would recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy their family more.

I guess that the greatest thing for me would be to see my kids grow up and carry on doing active, adventurous things with their children in the future. I learned all about this way of enjoying life from my Dad and it would give me a great deal of satisfaction to see them pass it on to the next generation as well. In the meantime, we will keep on doing interesting things and I will keep on telling you about them.

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