6 Camping Essentials Every Dad Needs

Camping is a very popular activity across the globe. It’s one of the best outdoor activities for you and your son. There’s a nice atmosphere, campfire, and plenty of time for father-son bonding! Summer is the time we see a rise in the amount of camping trips taken in the UK. A warm summer’s day/night is the perfect setting for a camping trip. With that in mind, if you’re thinking of taking your son camping, here are some things you should bring!


Obviously the main thing you need to remember to bring is a tent. Without a tent, you’ll have nowhere to sleep or shelter from any downpours. Tent size depends on how many of you there are. If it’s just you and your son, you could just bring a two man tent for the both of you.

Sleeping Bag

Don’t forget your sleeping bag or you’re in for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Sleeping bags keep you warm at night and are much more comfortable than sleeping on the tent floor. The provide extra cushioning to help you get a better night’s sleep and not wake up sore.

Camp Food

Bring foods that are suitable to eat on a camping trip. Granola bars, crisps, and bags of fruit make great snacks to have throughout the day. When it comes to cooking on the fire, you must have stuff that can be easily cooked. Canned foods are a popular choice, along with marshmallows of course! Probably wouldn’t be wise to bring a rotisserie chicken to cook on a campfire.


Exploring and (temporarily) living outdoors means you need to be prepared for the wet weather. Even if the forecast says sun, always bring waterproofs just in case. It’s Britain, so you never know! Waterproof clothing isn’t the only thing you need, waterproof phone cases or notepads are also a good idea. In fact, you can get military supply waterproof paper and notepads, which are useful for the outdoors!

Outdoor Accessories

Of course, you need to bring all the extra accessories that you need outdoors. Pack a flashlight for you to see in the dark and tell scary campfire stories with. A Swiss army knife is the ultimate outdoor tool to help cut sticks and food for a fire. A lighter is also a quick and easy way to set a campfire alight if you fail at the classic ‘two sticks’ method. You’ll need a backpack too to carry all your clothes and other stuff you bring.

Outdoor Clothing

If you’re camping outdoors, you need to wear the correct clothing. Don’t wear your Sunday best, or even your Monday best! Wear clothes that were made for the outdoors and suited to the environment. You’ll have to have the proper outdoor footwear too, or you’ll be slipping all over the place. Get trainers that are water-resistant and have extra grip.


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A summer camping trip is a fine way to spend quality time with your children. You can explore the outdoors together and enjoy toasted marshmallows under the night’s sky.


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