5 Reasons Why You Should be in Patong Right Now

Patong outYou may want to ask why you want to be in Patong out of all places in Thailand. Thailand is home to many stunning locations which draw in crowds from all over the world. Many people come to Thailand to experience the rich, cultural heritage sights, the bustling city, nightlife, lush Northern forests and of course, the tropical beaches. In Thailand’s south, there’s tons of noteworthy beaches scattered along the coast. While the south of Thailand is abundant with interesting to go to, Patong is one of the more preferred places to vacation at. Why? Well, here are seven reasons why you should be in Patong right now!


Patong is very much well known for its vibrant nighttime entertainment, shopping, local attractions, restaurants as well as its beach. First off, let’s focus on what Patong has to offer in terms of attractions. While a lot of the activities are focused on its stunning sea, Patong has a range of activities that don’t include getting wet! If you want to soar through the air, there’s the Flying Hanuman. The Flying Hanuman (The Flying Monkey) is a zip line adventure located 40 meters above the jungle which, as name implies, allows you to zip from point A to point B. This gives guests an exciting, aerial thrill of the jungle which doesn’t disturb the local wildlife! Of course, this thrill ride is only for people who enjoy a good adrenaline rush and not recommended for small children or those terrified of heights… or jungles.

If zip lining through the jungle is way too extreme, here’s another attraction to consider: Zorbing. Zorbing is the kind of activity where they stuff you into a soft plastic ball and run down a not-so-steep hill. Even children can jump—or roll—into the action!


Rolling away from attractions, let’s talk about Patong’s beautiful accommodations. It’s expected for Patong to have stunning lodging available as the city is right by the sea. Depending on your level of comfort, Patong offers up cheap inns, hostels to fully established five-star hotels.   There are brilliant hotels such as Grand Mercure Phuket Patong to consider, a four-star hotel with the comfort level of five-stars. If the price isn’t right for you, there’s the Patong Resort Hotel, Holiday Inn, ibis Phuket Patong Hotel, U Sabai Living Hotel are just some of the options to consider!


It’s not Patong if there’s no ‘in-your-face’ nightlife. Patong’s nightlife can be considered one of the wildest places to be while you’re in Phuket. One of the so called hottest places to be is at Soi Sea Dragon on Bangla Road. The entire Soi comes to life with the sound of blaring music, the smell of food and beverages as well as the sounds of lively chit-chatter everywhere. It’s kind of obvious this is the place where it’s not safe for small children.

For clubs with sazz and style, check out the Gossip Boutiq Supperclub. Distinctively different from the rest of the raunchy and naughty clubs littering the area, this is an attractive venue with modern furnishings, talented DJs, live music, shisha (or hookah) and of course, mind-boggling cocktails not to be missed. If the idea is to sit back, relax and chit-chat, Gossip is the place to go to. The club is located between Soi Sea Dragon and Bangla Ocean Mall.


What’s the fun of going to Patong if you can’t hit the beach and enjoy the summer breeze and cool waves? Freedom Beach is a beautiful beach, spanning over 300 meters on Patong’s West Coast. The sand, as anybody would expect is white and the water turquoise. Going a little further back would be a lush, green jungle. Though make note if anybody is thinking about going to Freedom Beach, it is quite difficult to get to because of its limited accessibility routes.

So, what can you do here? There’s soccer, beach volleyball and of course, snorkeling. It’s best to snorkel on either end of the strip as the water is safe and shallow. The best part? There’s absolutely no noisy jet skis or boats around the area to interrupt any snorkeling sessions.


It’s certainly not a full-blown vacation if the list doesn’t end with Patong’s best restaurants to sink your teeth into. Thong Dee restaurant offers an excellent opportunity to unwind from the hectic city. Located in Soi Bangthong, the Thong Dee Restaurant is one of the most-liked restaurants in Phuket due to its high quality dining, homely ambiance and unparalleled services. The restaurant is pioneered by Mr. Patrik Lundgren and Khun Phonchan Chiarram. The establishment contains a fruitful fusion between Swedish, Thai, Mediterranean specialties.

If you’re looking for a romantic type restaurant then look no further; the La Gritta Italian Restaurant at Amari Coral Beach Resort is one of the most romantic restaurants in Phuket. Overlooking Patong Bay, La Gritta Italian Restaurant boasts stunning contemporary design, allowing guests to make the most of their quiet moment.

And there you have it, five exciting reasons why anybody should be in Patong right now. Not only is the city humble and welcoming, it offers up some fantastic activities, exquisite seafood and of course, top-notch hospitality!

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