5 Must Have Pieces Of Safety Gear For Motorcyclists



There is one major downside to owning and riding a motorcycle that is often overlooked by many people when they start their hobby and that is how dangerous it can be.  You are statistically more like to be involved in a fatal accident if you are riding a motorcycle than you are in a car.  Often the issue is not so much just your own skills on the road, but those of others.  You may be the most competent motorcyclist on the road, but if there is just one negligent driver, accidents can occur.

Because you can’t predict how other drivers will be and can just do your best to obey the law and follow the safe riding practices you picked up while attaining your licence, you need to make sure you take all the necessary precautions to increase your level of safety.  In the following article we will look briefly at 5 of the most important motorcycle accessories you should invest in.


By far the most effective way to lower the chance of you suffering fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident, if one does occur, is by wearing a motorcycle helmet.  It is even said by most experts that if you are only going to wear one piece of safety gear, you should make sure it is a helmet.  As well as helping to protect the brain from all sudden impacts and blunt force traumas, it can take numerous hits during an accident and still protect you enough.

Good Riding Boots

Take a wild guess at what is most likely to hit the ground first during an accident on a motorcycle.  If you guessed anything other than ankles or feet, you guessed incorrectly.  As your feet are the one part you may automatically reach out to stop your motorbike in the event of a crash, they are the most common to incur injuries.  Although ankle and leg injuries might not sound like the worst you could experience, when you consider they take a lot of time to recuperate from and recuperation involves you being off your feet for that time and resting, they can impact greatly on your life and impede it.  Do your best to avoid these kinds of injuries by getting yourself a decent pair of comfortable and snug boots that cover your ankles.

Riding Gloves

Although you may think it is silly, gloves are actually very important to your safety as they help to protect one of the most commonly effected areas during a crash.  Gloves help provide your hands with a layer of protection against nasty and painful abrasions you can receive if you fall from your bike.  The key is to look for a durable pair that are appropriately padded and made from thick material.

Leather Jacket

Instead of just wearing any jacket made from any material, it is much safer to wear a leather jacket when out riding your bike.  This is because it will help provide a decent layer of protective padding so that if you are involved in a crash, your muscles and organs are safer.

Neck Collar

Over extensions of your neck and other collarbone related injuries can be common in motorcycle accidents.  However, they needn’t be if you invest in a neck collar.  If you have any questions about neck collars or anything mentioned above, please contact BikeBandit.com.

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